Zeljko Obradovic denies having received the renewal offer from Fenerbahce

Given the news of renewal by Obradovic with Fenerbahce, the coach has come to the fore to deny such news, even confirmed that at the moment he has not received any proposal to renew, and that his priority is to continue in Istanbul

The coach explains it clearly: “Since the season ended, I have been in constant contact with our GM, with the players and my team. I am the coach of Fenerbahce until June 2020 and I am focused on the Turkish team. Regarding the contract, I must say that I have not spoken to anyone at the club or to any other team. I have not received any offers so far. Please note that you would not speak to other teams while contracted with Fenerbahce. All the news that has been reported and that worries me is fake news. I want to add that my priority is to stay in Fenerbahce ”.

Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce Source From https://piratasdelbasket.net/


Zeljko Obradovic Fenerbahce

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