The captain of the Nymburk basketball players Pavel Pumprla was fired by the club. The management of the 16-time Czech champion decided to take this step due to the rebuilding of the team before the new season. However, he may offer a new contract to the former captain of the Czech national team, with whom he took sixth place at the World Championships in China last year, probably with a lower salary.

Ladislav Sokolovský (staff of Nymburk)

“Of course, now there is nothing to stop Pavel from negotiating with other teams if he wants to. We really appreciate his work for Nymburk, but in the current situation we have to carefully put together a new team and take into account a lot of things,” said sports director Nymburk. Ladislav Sokolovský in a press release.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Nymburk coach Oren Amiel, who has extended his contract with the club for another year, will also be financially offended. “Since coach Amiel and I have agreed on further cooperation only in recent days, the composition of the team is still in its infancy. And we had to solve the situation around Pavel Pumprla by the end of June. Therefore, we decided to terminate the contract and start with a clean slate. “We have to take into account both economic and sports factors. We do not rule out that we will offer Pavel a new contract, but we did not want to make this decision hastily and under pressure until the end of June,” Sokolovský said.

Pumprla played for Nymburk for seven seasons and with 370 matches he ranks sixth in club history. With 2822 points, he is ninth. From 2012 to 2016, he worked in Spain and Belgium. He also played for Opava and Prostějov in Czech National Basketball League.

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