NCAA basketball predictions

There are few occasions that capture the whole country’s imagination. Sure, there is the NBA final playoffs that come to mind, but even that could come close to the phenomenon that is March Madness. College basketball is almost a religion in the US, with people proudly filling out their brackets and sharing their predictions on social media and among friends. And this year, the craze for NCAA basketball has gone up a notch, especially with the interruption in the scheduling because of the raging pandemic. As a result, people are more enthusiastic about college basketball than ever. And now, with of aid of Basket Previews, you can stay ahead of your friends and family in predicting the score of NCAA matchups. Yes, you read that right; if you eat, sleep, and breathe NCAA, then Basket Previews is the place for you to be at.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association is what NCAA stands for, an association that involves basketball athletes of thousands of American colleges.

Indianapolis has been designated as the venue for the entire NCAA basketball games and thus will be centred around it.

The University of Oregon was the first winner of NCAA basketball when it defeated the runner ups in 1939, Ohio State University.

NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball is all set to be back this year as per the latest announcement that has aired. A tournament comprising of series of matches is to be held soon as per the NCAA basketball predictions.