Jordan Hamilton left Hapoel Tel Aviv. 

The forward who returned to the latter part of the season was unhappy with his position on the team. Last Friday, he played 18 minutes in the loss to Gilboa / Galil when he was ill, and scored no points. In the victory in Be’er Sheva on Sunday he received only six minutes and scored 2 points. Hamilton was also fined NIS 30,000 a few weeks ago for violating the isolation directive. He has now announced to the team leaders that he is giving up his salary for the rest of the season. Management made its decision and the team will play for the rest of the season with three strangers.

After a break of six months Elisha Kadir will return to the Premier League next season. 32-year-old Kadir began this season at Hapoel Tel Aviv, but was transferred to the Herzliya team in February in favor of Daniel Cooperberg. Kadir managed to play two games in Herzliya in the National League (11.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5 assists) before this was discontinued. Kadir now moves on with Herzliya to the Premier League.

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