Steve Kerr feels like the NBA season is over for him. The head coach of the Golden State basketball players knows that his team has nothing to gain this year. The year of the elite league was interrupted on March 11 after the detection of the first positive case of coronavirus infection among players.

“I feel like it’s after the season, now it’s exactly the same system,” Kerr said at a video conference hosted by the University of San Francisco. “With the general manager, we are in contact with all players via the (video platform) Zoom, we discuss with them what is usually addressed between grades,” he added.

Warriors have nowhere to hurry. On the one hand, NBA basketball players are still unable to train in club training facilities, not even individually.

In addition, Golden State is the league’s worst team with a record of 15 wins and 50 defeats, and they are the only ones to have lost their chance to advance to the playoffs.

In the previous five years, Golden State players have made it to the finals each time, and have been successful three times. However, long-term injuries to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and the departure of Kevin Durant (who also had to skip the season due to surgery) ended their series.

“It’s different for us than for the other teams. For us, this season has really really ended, even though no one has officially told us anything yet and it is still possible that we will play some more matches in it. The San Francisco club is dealing with a much more upcoming draft .

The United States is the worst affected country, with tests confirming coronavirus infection in more than a million people. The number of people who died of covid-19 exceeded 59,000.

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