Antonín Pištěcký (coach of SLUNETA Ústí):

“After almost half a year, basketball is returning to the board across the country. There are a number of questions before us with unknown answers. The season itself will bring you. But one thing is certain – on Sunday we traditionally welcome Opava at SLUNETA on Sunday. The harmony that results from the conceptual work of coach Petr Czudek speaks in favor of the guests. Our advantage will clearly be the home arena and our great fans. I firmly believe that people will not be afraid of various restrictions and will come to support the new team. “

Michal Šotnar (guard of SLUNETA Ústí):

“It has been too long and we are glad that the competition will start. We have had some quality matches in preparation, so we should be ready. We know Opava, everything will depend on how well he shoots, in addition he has a compact defense, he is together for a long time. We believe that despite the limitations, the spectators will find their way to the hall and together we will once again enjoy the beauty of our sport. “

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