NBA Injury List

Why should one trust Basket Previews to get correct info about the league?

Basket Previews is the one-stop destination for every NBA lover out there. We provide our users with the latest info about their team and injury list every single day. NBA teams are required to publish info about their roster, including their injured player’s list, on a daily basis. And we keenly follow such updates. Basket… Continue reading Why should one trust Basket Previews to get correct info about the league?

What makes Basket Previews different?

You might be asking yourself, can I not get the same info from ESPN or other basketball-covering websites. What is so special about Basket Previews that one could not find somewhere else? And you would be right in your thinking. You can get similar info from the more established sites likes ESPN. But Basket Previews… Continue reading What makes Basket Previews different?

What kind of injuries do NBA players get?

As per the NBA injury report, the injuries can be ankle sprains, deep thigh bruising, fractures in the foot, various injuries of the knee and so on.

Where can I find the NBA injury list?

The NBA’s list of injuries can be found at various sports dedicated websites on the internet; they are regularly updated after official statements from NBA.

Who recently got an injury in the NBA?

Kawhi Leonard got the latest injury in the NBA and is currently out owing to the severe status of it.

How injury reports are published in NBA?

The NBA teams are responsible for the reporting of any injuries, severe or minor. The reports are published daily at a fixed time.