Why should one trust Basket Previews to get correct info about the league?

Basket Previews is the one-stop destination for every NBA lover out there. We provide our users with the latest info about their team and injury list every single day. NBA teams are required to publish info about their roster, including their injured player’s list, on a daily basis. And we keenly follow such updates.

Basket Previews is not simply another NBA news site which one can follow to get the latest scoop about their team. And while you can do that with Basket Previews, primarily, our purpose is to provide our users with the accurate prediction of upcoming NBA games. And for that, we need up-to-date info about the roster of both teams involved in a matchup. We have an excellent track record in predicting successful results in NBA. We use machine learning to make an accurate prediction about the score line of the match by evaluating both the offensive and defensive efficiencies of both teams. But for that, we also need to know the possible playing team for a match.

With Basket Previews, you can get access to the injured list and possible team for the match, but also an accurate prediction for the upcoming matches as well. So, what are you waiting for? Become a member today!

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