Golden State player reveals that physical problems have forced him to change his launch mechanics

In the Golden State  cycle with five consecutive Finals and three rings, Draymond Green was not the one who shone the most, but he was that elemental piece that made everything work. From the intensity and drive he puts on the court, going through his fierce defense and a certain offensive threat that helped open the field, Green closed the circle of some  that were scary. Now that has changed, at least in part.

Since he made his best percentage in triples with 38 percent in the 2015-16 academic year (combining the regular season and playoffs), Green has been declining to see himself in the last three below 30 percent. It is something that worries you. For a long time Green was of course not the first option in attack, but it was a resource to help when necessary. That context has changed so much to see him sometimes give up throwing despite being alone. Speaking about it on the All The Smoke podcast , Green explains that after the 2018 Finals he had to change his shooting mechanics.

About his health

“The next day I couldn’t even walk. If we don’t get to sweep them, I don’t know if I could have played the fifth game. And the day after directly I couldn’t move in the least. This led me to a physical examination of my hips and other parts that revealed a problem. I had to correct things. I had to strengthen my core and work to get my body back. By making all that effort my shot changed, as did the way I make all the movement to launch. So, I have been working to get my triple back. If I can get past 36 percent again, even get to 40 – I know I’m capable – the League will have trouble with me again. That is my goal, ”he says.

Draymond Green is not wrong. Although he does not have the spectacular nature of other teammates such as Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson, having him as a player who can make a difference on both sides of the field would be very positive for the Warriors, since that would make his teammates have more space and may be more dangerous.


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